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Mon Jan 7 16:11:41 GMT 2008

--- Dirk Koopman <djk at tobit.co.uk> wrote:

> >> For instance, try this:-
> >>
> >> package fred;
> >>
> >> our @ISA = qw(fred);
> >>
> >> 1;
> >>
> >> Although it is a manifestly silly error, I don't think that it
> merits a
> >> (new) fatal error like this:-


> But that's the point: it didn't. Has never (until now). Not in 10
> years.

A while ago, I was specifically bitching about base.pm not warning on
recursive inheritance.  This has now been changed (I can't recall if it
was my patch or not), but I'm *glad* this fatal error occurs.  There's
no justification for recursive inheritance, so it's good that this bug
is squashed.

Can you provide any examples of where this breaks anything?  Since I
can't think of any way in which recursive inheritance would be useful,
I can't come up with any examples :)


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