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Robin Berjon robin at
Wed Jan 9 15:02:15 GMT 2008

On Jan 09, 2008, at 12:41, Smylers wrote:
> Perl is one of the projects whos archives are covered:
> Anybody played with it?
> It appears to be Flash-based, but I just get a large white space  
> with a
> small emblem flashing "loading...".

There's nothing or very little Flash about it (that I can tell or  
know of). It's basically a demonstration of the power of some form of  
big XML processing thingie. All the email messages are stored in XML,  
and can then be queried using XQuery (see 
jceio6hai2t5f2ge if you can). The results are transformed into XHTML  
and made interactive using your typical JS and CSS tricks. It can  
definitely use a few improvements but it also certainly is a rather  
nice interface to email archives (certainly nicer than most, if in  
places less featureful).

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