Lack of Perl articles on

Andy Wardley abw at
Wed Jan 16 13:10:33 GMT 2008

Yar m'hearties!  A call to arms!

Perl appears to be rather under-represented over on

Contrast these:    (9 results)  (28)    (22) (19)

There's more hype than you can shake a stick at over the more hip
and trendy languages like Python, Ruby and Haskell.  That's all well
and good, but I for one would like to see more about Perl.

A certain mr_chromatic has been diligently posting links on Perl 6
and Parrot updates and I've recently submitted some of Larry's talks
on Perl philosophy.  But apart from that, Perl is most sparsely
represented in the Reddit mindset.

Maybe it's because we're all too busy doing real work with Perl to hang
around fanboy sites talking about how Perl rocks and notPerl sucks.
Or perhaps it's because we already have our own monasteries for that
purpose :-)

Anyway, it would of course be wrong of me to suggest that you should
all rush over there now and upvote all the Perl articles.  But I do
encourage you to post any links to interesting blogs or other online
Perl articles that you come across, old or new.

Although reddit has gone rapidly downhill since the Digg invasion,
there is still a smattering of intelligent conversation to be had.
So like Perl, it's not dead yet.


BTW: Post articles to the programming sub-reddit.  Don't bother with
the main - it'll get bot-voted out of existence in seconds
unless you put "Ron Paul" in the title.

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