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Peter Hickman peter.hickman at
Wed Jan 16 13:35:22 GMT 2008

Andy Wardley wrote:
> BTW: Post articles to the programming sub-reddit.  Don't bother with
> the main - it'll get bot-voted out of existence in seconds
> unless you put "Ron Paul" in the title.

Mm. Your BTW is telling, do we really want to waste our time trying to 
promote Perl to the Diggnation who are, quite frankly, a bunch of jerks. 
Perhaps we could spend our time more profitably trying to get Perl 
articles on Artima. The "we" in this case doesn't include me so go ahead 
and try it if you feel it is important.

There might be better places to promote Perl to than Digg (or Reddit 
(sp?)). Heck I've seen better coverage of Perl on 4chan, honest. They 
post Perl scripts as part of their /i/nvasion boards.

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