Lack of Perl articles on

Andy Wardley abw at
Wed Jan 16 14:26:02 GMT 2008

Peter Hickman wrote:
 > Mm. Your BTW is telling, do we really want to waste our time trying to
 > promote Perl to the Diggnation who are, quite frankly, a bunch of jerks.

No, that would indeed be a waste of time.  But most of the real jerks tend to
hang out on the main reddit page or other sub-reddits.
is by no means "clean" but there is a good cross-section of people from
many different languages (particularly from the functional programming
community).  I think the cross-pollination of ideas between them is very
healthy.  I just think we need to spread some more Perl pollen.

 > Perhaps we could spend our time more profitably trying to get Perl
 > articles on Artima.

I don't know Artima, but from first glance it looks very Java/Enterprise.
We might not be too welcome there.

 > There might be better places to promote Perl to than Digg (or Reddit

Digg is a lost cause IMHO and has been for quite some time.  There's still
some hope for Reddit.  Not much admittedly.

My favourite programming site of the moment is
The focus is on programming language research/design, with a particular bent
on FP.  It's very grown up compared to Digg/Reddit, but quite possibly not as
much fun :-)


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