introspection (and Perl 6)

virtualsue virtuallysue at
Tue Jan 22 16:40:43 GMT 2008

chromatic wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 January 2008 04:45:56 Andy Wardley wrote:
>> Ovid wrote:
>>> If they can't read the language I write in, that's their fault.
>> Prognost!  Nimple friz blicket par goodlim extrapulous! Po do no jimble
>> frubnest?
> If you're going to hire people to maintain software you care about, but don't 
> care enough to hire people who know the language, how to write to your 
> company's coding standards, or even how to look up syntax in the flippin' 
> manual, do us all a favor and send out lots of press releases about your 
> strategy.
> Don't worry; when your company crashes and burns spectacularly, the rest of us 
> will take care of publicizing exactly why your company failed.

The cheery voice of happy Perl 6 news, as always.

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