introspection (and Perl 6)

chromatic chromatic at
Tue Jan 22 18:35:45 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 22 January 2008 08:40:43 virtualsue wrote:

> chromatic wrote:

> > If you're going to hire people to maintain software you care about, but
> > don't care enough to hire people who know the language, how to write to
> > your company's coding standards, or even how to look up syntax in the
> > flippin' manual, do us all a favor and send out lots of press releases
> > about your strategy.

> > Don't worry; when your company crashes and burns spectacularly, the rest
> > of us will take care of publicizing exactly why your company failed.

> The cheery voice of happy Perl 6 news, as always.

I must be missing the magic fairy dust property of every other programming 
language in the universe that somehow allows barely competent monkeys to 
perform heroic acts of software development despite their inexperience and 

You can look up syntax.  You can't look up "Why does this function have 13 
parameters, six of them potentially modifiable by the callee, and all called 
foo1 through foo13?"

-- c

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