introspection (and Perl 6)

Simon Cozens simon at
Thu Jan 24 08:22:24 GMT 2008

David Cantrell wrote:
> No, automagically transmogrifying their code into your chosen style
> isn't a solution.  Even if it is possible it will require work that
> wouldn't otherwise be required, and will just result in overly-large CVS
> commits when you've applied your one-line patch to the de-obfuscated
> version of their code.

I've worked in Perl 5 shops where this is true already, with me being at 
times both the "you" and the "they" in the statement above. Perl 6 won't 
change that.

 >You stupid? All of Europe (maybe except those crazy Brits) prints on A4 
Crazy we may be, but not foolscap.
-- James Kilfiger, ctt

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