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Uri Guttman uri at
Wed Feb 6 07:11:16 GMT 2008

>>>>> "RJR" == Randy J Ray <rjray at> writes:

  >> and it will be unlikely that his command will generate enough output to
  >> fill a stdio buffer in the qx or the open pipe. so looping over the qx
  >> lines in a list context or reading line by line from the open pipe will
  >> be about the same speed and storage.

  RJR> He did specifically say that he expected the command to generate
  RJR> a considerable amount of output. I suppose that depends on
  RJR> whether his concept of "considerable" matches ours. Pulling large
  RJR> diffs or log history on a sizable project could produce fairly
  RJR> large output.

if that is the case then open | will be more efficient. but with today's
ram and buffer sizes, even 1Mb is small. we haven't been told the output
size but if it is < 1MB (or even more given the ram available) then
buffering will not matter much. so again, simpler coding should win out
and qx is simpler than open |.


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