Traits, rôles and other repurposed terms

Jonathan McKeown jonathan+londonpm at
Fri Feb 8 16:25:17 GMT 2008

On Friday 08 February 2008 16:41, Greg McCarroll wrote:

> the solution to this, which i think was suggested by kernighan and plaugher
> was to always write code at N% of your ability, where N < 100. it means
> that if you have a bad day, or can't remember, or your company hires a less
> able programmer - you (or the new maintenance guy) can still get the job
> done.

>From memory, the quotation was originally about debugging, and was something 
along these lines: since debugging is harder than coding, if you write the 
cleverest code you can, you are by definition not clever enough to debug it.


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