Traits, rôles and other repurposed terms

Jonathan Rockway jon at
Fri Feb 8 17:09:48 GMT 2008

* On Fri, Feb 08 2008, Jeff Anderson wrote:
> On Feb 8, 2008 7:39 AM, Ovid <publiustemp-londonpm at> wrote:
>> I'm not claiming that this is an easy thing to really understand, but
>> it's the cleanest way I've encountered of solving hard compositional
>> problems.
> Look, the thing i really love about Perl is that i don't have to be
> stuck in a rigid OO world. If i want to attach an anonymous function
> ref to a hash, it's done.

You seem to keep saying how much you hate OOP.  We get it, already.
What you're not realizing that you've simply invented your own object
system.  A hash containing "methods" that operate on some associated
"attributes"?  If it walks like an object system and it quacks like an
object system, it isa object system.

Jonathan Rockway

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