Any Embperl / Modperl hosting ?

Andy Wardley abw at
Sun Feb 24 07:49:50 GMT 2008

Greg McCarroll wrote:
 > Lastly, TT its a templating solution, you can use it to do whatever you
 > want to template. Andy, it's creator, used it early on to make kite design
 > patterns

 > [1] I personally believe the value is most in the M approach, but I'm the
 > sort of weird anti-hippy that likes stored procedures and constraints.

Me too.  The 'M' bit, that is, not the anti-hippy.  In fact, I quite like
hippies.  Not stored hippies, though.  They don't keep well.


PS Template::Stash::XS works just fine on 5.10.  Radek: post a message to the
templates mailing list ( describing
the problem you're having.  It's more likely an issue with your build

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