Any Embperl / Modperl hosting ?

Greg McCarroll greg at
Sat Feb 23 17:45:31 GMT 2008

On Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 04:44:59PM +0000, abhishek jain wrote:
> Would you suggest TT as to the latest development kind of enviornment one
> would prefer or are there more latest technologies one must explore,i am not
> sure but what about Catalyst / MVC etc .

Sorry if this is teaching granny to suck eggs ...

Template Toolkit, Catalyst and MVC are all different types of things.

MVC is a design pattern, where you separate off the different parts of your
application. Model ~ the business objects/data, View ~ the display, templating,
printing, and its view that you see the value in the separation the easiest[1]
when you look at printing/web/disabled access. Control is just the glue of 
the application (incl things like authentication) and the workflows.

Catalyst is an implementation of the MVC pattern. It's always a humbling 
experience posting to as there are usually better experts than you,
so please consider this description of Catalyst an amateur one. Anyway here goes,
Catalyst is an implementation of MVC that allows you to select whatever
portions you want for the M part (but usually DBIx::Class) and V part
(but usually TT). It also offers a lot of helper functionality for working
with these aspects. The choice of TT (unlike perhaps DBIx::C) as the 
preferred solution is purely to do with the popularity of TT as a templating
solution over other Perl templating solutions (Mason,HTML:Temp,Text:Temp).
DBIx::Class has been built in parallel with Cat by a lot of the same
people - which explains its popularity for use in Cat.

Lastly, TT its a templating solution, you can use it to do whatever you
want to template. Andy, it's creator, used it early on to make kite design
patterns - although I might have missed the point of that talk and 
concentrated on the pretty kites and not the topics. But basically you
can use it for web pages, UNIX configuration files, spam, etc.

The last thing I'd say with regard to embperl vs. Cat+(TT/DBIx::C) is 
that if i was wanting a job using Perl doing web programming at
the minute I'd be learning,implementing and contributing to one or more
of Cat, TT and DBIx::Class. And also if I was choosing technologies
purely from the likelihood of havign Perl developers able to come
on board and know the technologies I'd make the same choice.

Now I'll step back and let the experts rip my descriptions apart :-).


[1] I personally believe the value is most in the M approach, but I'm the
sort of weird anti-hippy that likes stored procedures and constraints.

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