Perl Advocacy

Ian Docherty londonperlmongers at
Tue Feb 26 14:59:19 GMT 2008

Mark Knoop wrote:
> (they are in Maidenhead but I live in London and work from home some 
> of the time...)
> It's an interesting topic as when the company started I had a major 
> argument with completely non-technical people about what we should use 
> and they really wanted to use Java seemingly because it was perceived 
> to be industry standard. I just managed to persuade them to let me use 
> Perl for speed of development but as long as we had the option to 
> migrate to Java later on. Being able to use the BBC as a 'reference' 
> was a major help in giving them the confidence to let me go with Perl.
That's a very interesting situation because it exactly matches my own 
introduction of Perl into my current company (even as so far as quoting 
the BBC as a reference site that was using Perl).


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