perl SOAP WSDL and DBI

Jacqui Caren Jacqui.caren at
Tue Feb 26 16:07:24 GMT 2008

I have a Pg schema I want to tie to a SOAP/WSDL interface.

Rather than roll the code for each object/table
I would like to use CLass::DBI but use the Data Dict
to generate the Class::DBI code and WSDL code
for the accessor methods.

The backend is postscript and the frontend is an SEP.
I have to provide a WSDL/CRUD interface to key
sets of tables as objects.

Rather than roll my own code, anyone suggest existing

I also need to include sprocs for certain extra
table specific operations which Class::DBI does quite well
so any alternate solution would need to allow addition
of extra methods merged into the .pm as SOAP::WSDL still has
a one to one .pm to class mapping.

Likewise, although SOAP is a mandatory, I think it would be neat to
generate a RESTfull interface (skeleton) from the WSDL etc.

Any suggestions?


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