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Tue Feb 26 17:07:24 GMT 2008

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>So I have a request. If you are in London (or England/UK[1]), using Perl,
wheter you are Venda or Shadowcat, the BBC or >Morgan S., could you please
email me and give me the permission to use your logo on a 'companies who use
Perl in >London'[1] page. To keep things fair it'll be alphabetical (sorry
>[1] I think for the sake of value we'll just fudge the definition of
'London', etc. To be perfectly honest I'd rather some company decide to use
Perl because they saw some hip company they thought were in London using it,
when really there were in some hell hole like Birmingham or Milton Keynes[2]
>[2] You can make the boy be leader, but you can't make him like crappy
northern towns.
>[3] This is a joke.

I've mailed you logos & details off-list, since we seem to qualify by being
based in Milton Keynes[1]

Regards, Peter

[1] I sure was glad to get out of London/M4 corridor and move here 15 years
ago. <sniffs> Ah, unpolluted air :-D

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