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Alison Young ali at
Wed Feb 27 16:02:57 GMT 2008

On Wed, 27 Feb 2008, Nicholas Clark wrote:

> Meanwhile, sort of back to the subject, is there any reason why we can't
> also list just the names of "companies that we know use Perl, but haven't
> said 'yes, please use our logo here'" ?

Of course then we'd then need a list of companies that used to use Perl 
or would have used Perl but were put off by the perception that they'd be 
strong-armed into showing support for a community or culture when all 
they wanted was a tool to do a job.

I'm mostly joking, but it does sound like one of those things that someone 
could get huffy about, simply because they didn't get asked.


ps: I would check with the company I currently work for, but I'm only 
working for them for another 9 days.

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