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Greg McCarroll greg at
Wed Feb 27 21:31:55 GMT 2008

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 04:02:57PM +0000, Alison Young wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Feb 2008, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> >Meanwhile, sort of back to the subject, is there any reason why we can't
> >also list just the names of "companies that we know use Perl, but haven't
> >said 'yes, please use our logo here'" ?
> Of course then we'd then need a list of companies that used to use Perl 
> or would have used Perl but were put off by the perception that they'd be 

Well, what i've done is put in a boolean field for 'official', so that way
when someone mails me (we'll put up a form soon as its becoming a hassle) 
and says,

  "We use it but I can't really say that we do."

We can add them and not include them publically in v0.1, then we can hope
that once they can show the site to the people who can say 'yes' - hopefully
it will rather neatly, sort of, fullfill its purpose by initially helping 
itself by being a sales tool (i.e. company A is more likely to want to be 
on a list of companies it regards highly).

After that, just publically listing them - I really don't know. However as
I've included the industry we could definetly include them in stats such
as industry breakdown (Thanks Ovid and Gellyfish for this idea).

Anyway lets ship first and worry about nice to haves later. I suspect the
first version is going to look ugly as sin anyway just looking at the mix
of logo size's we have - but i'm sure the nice Mr Aidy will come up with some
cunning algorithm to display them beautifully. (I suspect that we might have
to break the alphabetically listing idea and come up with some sort of weird 
spiral design based on size - or as joel pointed out an optimal space using
algorithm - anyway with the best will in the world that is currently SEP).


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