Domain renewal question

Mark Knoop mark at
Thu Feb 28 13:43:56 GMT 2008

> On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 01:02:33PM +0000, IvorW wrote:
>>Whois is showing the status as redemptionPeriod. I've never heard of
>>this before. Are registermydomain pulling a fast one?
> Yes, but legitimately. To a first approximation, once the domains have
> expired, the registrar can do whatever he likes with them.
> R

I had a similar situation once though I forget which registrar - directNic 
or NetworkSolutions. The domain lapsed and then was being held by some other 
company who I suspect was affiliated with the resistrar or in fact the same 
company. We left it for a bit then offered them $200 and left it for a bit 
more and they took it. My advice would be not to let on that the domain is 
that important to you, make them small cash offer and see what they come 
back with. I suspect they would rather get a small amount of money for no 
hassle than risk getting nothing. 

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