Default assets for CPAN installed web apps

Jonathan Rockway jon at
Mon Mar 3 19:22:01 GMT 2008

* On Mon, Mar 03 2008, Simon Wistow wrote:
> I want to be able to bundle a set up templates and images up with my 
> CPAN module and have them installed somewhere.
> Then, on set up the images can be copied from there to the local web app 
> directory and the template path can be set to be ['.', $central_dir ]
> I seem to remember File::ShareDir could do this but the examples for how 
> to set it up are all for Module::Install not Module::Build.
> Any examples of how to do such a thing with M::B?

It's simply a matter of copying the files to the right place.
Unfortunately I am too lazy to research:

 1) where that place is
 2) how to copy files into the right place with Module::Build

There's no book-keeping required though, just a mkdir and copy.

I have a module on CPAN that does this; CatalystX::Starter.  Install it
and see where it puts the files :) It uses Module::Install, but it puts
the files where File::ShareDir can see them.  

There are two places where ShareDir can look for files
(module/dist)... the one that CX::Starter uses is the one that works.  I
never got the other one to work correctly.

Hope this incoherent braindump helps a tiny bit :)

Jonathan Rockway

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