REMINDER! Was: [ANNOUNCE] March Meeting

Greg McCarroll greg at
Wed Mar 5 23:19:33 GMT 2008

On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 03:12:08PM +0000, Dave Cross wrote:
> Quoting Greg McCarroll <greg at>:
> >tradition that a non-leader of this motley crew buys the new people a
> I believe there's a typo in that paragraph :-)

I really don't see any problem with this, although I may change it back next

Although I've got just enough sick twisted management experience to make the
person wear a "Hi, I'm fooo" badge with an area reserved for tags/keywords
about what they are interested in regarding Perl as a condition of getting the
free drink[1].


[1] Cash isn't the only thing that can lead to 'price' sensitivity.

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