WTF? (why no alternate implemenations?)

Smylers Smylers at
Sun Mar 9 23:46:25 GMT 2008

Nicholas Clark writes:

> ... One Railway decided to challenge us all by replacing trains with
> buses, to ensure that only the truly determined could make it there.
> One Railway is now National Express East Anglia, and the website
> certainly seems a bit easier to use, but I've no idea whether they are
> any more competent at rail replacement bus services than One
> were(n't).

They are the same people -- National Express have always had that
franchise, even though the brand they chose for it, One, didn't indicate
that.  So I expect their abilities with rail-replacement buses hasn't

The worst service I've had with a rail-replacement bus was with Midland
Mainline, which was also a National Express franchise.  Station staff
explained the problem was that they weren't allowed to contract the best
coach operator for the circumstances: the parent company forced them to
use National Express coaches.


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