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On 3/10/08, Hemant Verma <Hemant.Verma at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am writing a simple chat program using sockets and client server. I am
> able to send information between client and server.
> Would any body please let me know how I can send information from Client1
> to Client2 using same server.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Hemant Verma
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Your server would need to keep a connection pool to all of its clients.
Something like this:
1. C1 connects to server and registers itself as 'client1' (you could
store these ids in a hash with the values being sockets).
2. C2 connects to the server and registers itself as 'client2'
3. C1 sends a request such as 'send client2 <data>'.
4. Server looks up client2 in the hashtable and sends that data
through that socket

I recommend you come up with some sort of regular structure for
commands through the sockets, whether that be XML (*spit*) or a binary
format (pack?) or YAML or something. This will allow you to parse
things much more easily (and make excellent use of CPAN)



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