Perl proficiency grading system

Bob Walker bob at
Thu Mar 13 14:52:41 GMT 2008

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008, Mark Knoop wrote:

> I have an interview for a job which stipulates a 'hardcore' Perl programmer

to be hardcore you must:-

a) survive a drinking session with greg, gellyfish and evildave
b) mention the mlm that shall not be named in richardc's presence and live
    to tell the tale
c) be able to name at least 3 things from the trolleys at the new world[0]
d) eat the chicken feet at the new world[1]
e) write reviews on RGL[2]

[1] [3]
[2] [4]
[3] look i dont just pimp rgl[2] all the time :)
[4] possibly i do.

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