London Perl Jobs (Was: Most Perl 6 will look like Perl 5)

Smylers Smylers at
Thu Mar 13 18:22:03 GMT 2008

On January 30th Nicholas Clark wrote:

> But I prefer writing code to talking. And probably it's time to find a
> job.
> How come so few people in are working for firms that are
> recruiting and that they are comfortable to recommend?

In my case, 2 reasons:

* The Perl 6 thread was so high-traffic that it took me weeks to catch
  up with mail and actually see you'd asked the question.

* Our company was in the middle of renaming itself, and we wanted to
  sort that out before pushing recruitment.

But I'm now very happy to recommend working as a Perl developer at
WebFusion.  The job ad is here:

It should also appear on the jobs list once the mailing list
pixies have done their magic.  Please feel free to mail me privately
with any questions or concerns.

And for what it's worth our Romania Dev team is also hiring, but I'm not
personally able to vouch for what it's like working in that office:


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