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Fri Mar 14 14:35:21 GMT 2008

There are two issues here,  Postfix is a MTA, sending messages between mail 
servers, From what I've heard Exim is a good alternative,scaling well, and 
with load controlling configuration parameters. Downloading email from  the 
mail server to the MUA on the user workstation  will likely be using the POP 
or IMAP protocols. If each mail message is large, maybe caused by large 
attachments, or the network infrastructure being slow.
Without details of the 
sort I've mentioned, I don't think you can accurately comment on your 
council's plans. If they have postfix, then they have some FOSS in place, and 
maybe this proposal is an attempt to kill it off.


On Fri, 14 Mar 2008, perl wrote:

> My local council currently uses postfix to run their email system. Apparently 
> it is very slow (a minute or two to download each email for anyone connected) 
> and it doesn't 'do' meetings.
> Because of this they want to replace it with MS Exchange Server at a cost of 
> £248,000 (over 5 years). Even at this cost they have calculated this will save 
> them £48,000 a year.
> Any thoughts?
> J

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