How to copy data off an old IDE disk asmith9983 at
Wed Mar 26 21:10:44 GMT 2008

Another idea would be to get an external USB drive case from somewhere like 
Maplin. Maybe buy two and along with a large  new high capacity drive to copy 
your old drive onto.  Even if your old drive has an IDE problem, isolating it 
along a USB cable will help. You can copy the raw data from the old drive 
using "dd".   Ubuntu will see the USB drives as /dev/sda & /dev/sdb if you 
have two.  This route is not going to cost you much.


On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, Andy Wardley wrote:

> Andy Armstrong wrote:
>> Can you boot from an Ubuntu live CD with the drive as master? Does the 
>> machine have two IDE channels? Can you hook the drive up as master on the 
>> 2nd i/f?
> Nope, just the one IDE channel.  It's a small form all-in-one ASUS
> motherboard.  I'm going to try the live CD now.
> Cheers
> A

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