How to copy data off an old IDE disk

Andy Wardley abw at
Thu Mar 27 07:08:44 GMT 2008

asmith9983 at wrote:
> Another idea would be to get an external USB drive case from somewhere 
> like Maplin.

Yes, I think that's probably going to be the best/quickest/cheapest solution.
There's a Maplin just down the road from me... I'm off there as soon as it

I tried the Live CD route.  The machine got as far as booting, albeit very
slowly.  I tried to mount the disk and it went off whirring for about 5
minutes before I gave up (well actually, my Missus was standing behind me
tapping her foot impatiently at the fact that her email machine was lying in
bits on the floor so the choice to give up after only 5 minutes was made for

So I suspect that it might eventually work on the same IDE channel, given
enough time, patience, and home improvement programs on the telly to distract
She Whose Email Machine Should Not Be Left In Bits on the Floor.  But it'll
be easier to stick it on another IDE channel where it can run as slow as it
likes without bringing the other drives to a standstill, and the USB enclosure
seems like the best way forward.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.


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