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Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at
Fri Apr 4 14:00:36 BST 2008

On 04/04/2008, Dave Cross <dave at> wrote:
> Quoting Aaron Trevena <aaron.trevena at>:
> > You mean their CMS has moved from StorySewer (TCL) to Java?
> >
> > Sensible enough.
> >
> > They were advertising for Perl developers too, presumably they managed
> > to fill the roles, maybe Java roles are almost as hard to fill as perl
> > ones.
> >
> The Guardian blogs are based on Movable Type. That's what their most recent
> Perl adverts were for (as some people on this list will be able to confirm).

ISTR they were using plenty of Perl before that, and I doubt they
would bother replacing much of that with java.


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