Getting involved with Perl websites

MacGyveR macgyver at
Mon Apr 7 07:56:46 BST 2008

On Monday 07 Apr 2008, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> One website that people can help with really easily is Perl 101. One
> of the nice things about this beginners resource is I believe Andy is
> managing it via Google Code, so you can just get access to the
> repository and do something (instead of discussing doing something).
> There is even a few fairly easy ToDo's to tick off at.
> G.

that perl101 is a great site its just what perl needs for beginners. i've been 
using perl for 9 years now and i've never looked at perlmonks, not for any 
reason in particular though. i've always googled for perl answers or used a 
book or two in the past and thats meet my needs fine. 

cpan works great, the site is clean and just a single search box you can type 
a keyword, thats all you need most of the time.

after my first real look at perlmonks today my main comment is that you should 
not have to read a faq in order to find out how to use a site. the first one 
or two sections of the faq (Getting Started with PerlMonks, About PerlMonks) 
should not be needed, maybe its just me having reading problems.

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