[ANNOUNCE] April London.pm Meeting (3/4/2008)

Kake L Pugh kake at earth.li
Mon Apr 7 08:40:47 BST 2008

On Mon 31 Mar 2008, Greg McCarroll <greg at mccarroll.org.uk> wrote:
> We have the upstairs function room booked at the Bridge House.
>   http://london.randomness.org.uk/wiki.cgi?Bridge_House%2C_SE1_2UP
> Full range of well-kept Adnams beers, Aspall cider, good food.

So what did people think?  Did you like it?  Would you like to go back
some time?  Did anyone have trouble getting there (that wasn't caused
by the Jubilee Line being broken)?

There are now RGL pages for the dim sum place and the pub we went to
in the afternoon as well; please feel free to add your thoughts to them.



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