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Jonathan Rockway jon at
Mon Apr 7 18:02:48 BST 2008

* On Mon, Apr 07 2008, Richard Clamp wrote:
> I'll also take this chance to once again also point out that there's a
> difference between an author checking the comprehensiveness of their pod,
> and an author making a show of it in order to score well in a box-ticking
> contest.

Are you demeaning people who write code for you for free?  If so, I
think you would like the world a lot better if CPAN authors just stopped
doing anything.  That way you wouldn't get upset when they don't meet
your unrealistic expectations.

As I said on another list, whenever you find a problem with a module,
*it's your fault* and *it's your responsibility to fix it*.  That should
keep your expectations realistic.

Jonathan Rockway

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