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Randy J. Ray rjray at
Mon Apr 7 20:21:21 BST 2008

> I'm not Richard, but I read his statement as:
>   As the author of Pod::Coverage, which is used as one way to score a tick
>   in CPANTS, I'd like to repeat that there a world of difference between what
>   you need to do to fool the tool into give you a ticked box, and what you
>   need to actually do to be useful to a human.
>   So don't read *too* much into CPANTS.

For someone as curmudgeonly as I tend to be, I often forget what an optimist I 
am at times.

I actually use the metrics provided by CPANTS to actively improve my modules, 
not just tick boxes. Documentation fanatic that I am, Test::Pod::Coverage was 
like a mild, decaffeinated crack.

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