Perl advocacy/Logos

Adrian Lai perl at
Mon Apr 7 23:56:53 BST 2008


The logo page has been up for a little while now, after an initial
delay of me getting my act together.

It's probably time to ask for any comments and suggestions on it's
presentation and in any ways that the page can be improved.

I think Greg has mentioned before, but the current fields representing
each company are:

primary logo, name, url,
secondary logo, name, url,
who - Contact name
email - Contact email
official - Boolean, have we been granted 'official' permission to use this logo?
industry, size

Of the entries there, only really the primary logo, name, url fields
and the who, email, official and industry fields have been used.

Should more of this information be exposed on the webpage if it's available?

I am asking for a short description of the company on the page itself;
I had thoughts that text could be included in the same kind of fashion
as it is on the /who page - however, now I'm not sure that's usefully
worthwhile for the effort involved to the company in question.

Oh, and if you work for a company using Perl who would like to be
included on the page, drop me an email.


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