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Tue Apr 8 09:11:37 BST 2008

On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 11:56:53PM +0100, Adrian Lai wrote:
> The logo page has been up for a little while now, after an initial
> delay of me getting my act together.
> It's probably time to ask for any comments and suggestions on it's
> presentation and in any ways that the page can be improved.

Just a quick thought - having the sentence "Perl is a dead language" as
part of the first thing you read on the advocacy page might give the wrong

If I'm a person/organisation thinking about using perl and come across the
page I might not have heard that "perl is dead" - but I have now. Given
that I've heard about it on a perl community page I might stop reading
there for a moment and go looking around for why _not_ to use perl (whereas
I started looking for why I _should_ use perl).

Perhaps a slight reorganisation of the intro - so that it goes along the
lines of:

 London is home to many companies for whom Perl is a core technology - both
 in existing and new projects. The London Perl M[ou]ngers have put together
 this list of just some of these companies.

 With perl in such active and innovative use, and with passionate
 communities such as the Perl-M[ou]ngers, it seems difficult to justify
 recent claims that "Perl is a dead language"!

 If you represent a company that uses Perl and would like to be included on
 this page, please contact the webmaster including a logo, url and short
 description of your company.

Or something along those lines. :)



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