Digest, Vol 30, Issue 38

Matt Jones matt at
Thu Apr 10 10:07:09 BST 2008

Hemant, a bit of friendly advice: when you're replying to a digest
message you should really trim off the quoted  digest - it really
winds some people up having to scroll through a whole digest because
of a single reply. And when people get wound up they are less likely
to help you.

Just trying to be helpful!

Anyway, you might be able to diagnose the problem better if you add $!
to your die statement. $! is a perl "magic variable" which contains a
description of the error when things go wrong. So the line

$tmdb   =   new Win32::ODBC("DSN=$my_dsn; UID=USER; PWD=pwd") or die "Can't
connect to TM V6 (dsn=$my_dsn) : $!\n";

Should tell you *why* it couldn't connect. $! should really be your
very first port of call when trying to figure out why things aren't
working in your perl scripts.

I hesitate to post perl advice to people here because there are people
on this list who have forgotten more perl than I'll ever know[0]. I'm
sure they'll put you right if I've misinformed you there or am being
more than usually dumb.


[0] one of the reasons why I generally lurk here rather than post.

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