Memcaching Plan of Attack

Jason Tang jason at
Thu Apr 10 18:34:38 BST 2008

After a diversion to get some ground work going on side project, I'm back on the
memcached project. I'm pretty much a n00bie and interested wise words
from those with er.. experience :) I'm interested to hear how you
approach applying memcached to existing webapp.

For example:
I have a summary page listing order items that need packing. The schema is
badly put together, but I've replaced the chunks of SQL with DBIC
so at least we stand a chance in consolidating the data access. Sadly
the packing items requires 3 queries to provide a summary showing
everything needed.

So add abit of code to check if it exists in memcached if not hit db,
and save it into memcached. Now am I going to have to find all refernces
to those tables adn get them to expire that memcached entry?

Any thoughts guys/gals

Many thanks

Jason Tang  - email: jason at - msn: jason-msn at

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