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Richard Foley Richard.Foley at rfi.net
Tue Apr 15 15:31:45 BST 2008

On Tuesday 15 April 2008 14:46:43 Nicholas Clark wrote:
> Hence the creation of the jobs list and the change in instructions about
> how to advertise jobs on the list
>     http://london.pm.org/about/faq.html#job
Quietly shot down in flames...

> which implies that london.pm is somewhat "on topic" when it comes to jobs,
> with the expectation that it's about jobs that are both Perl and London.
You nick-picker, you!


What about telecommuting based around Sheffield, Andy?


No idea if it's any good, might be something worth looking at though.

I've had a couple of surprisingly rewarding job roles through jobs.perl.org, 
telecommuting from my home office around Europe, including Germany and 
Switzerland - just FYI.

Richard Foley
Ciao - shorter than aufwiedersehen


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