Fibromyalgia pub crawl, Saturday 10 May

Smylers Smylers at
Sun Apr 20 12:16:21 BST 2008

Greg McCarroll writes:

> those god awful street collectors with their charity coloured anoraks
> and clipboards who don't want a donation but instead your bank
> details, and who I believe work on commission

They are.  And even some chuggers seeking immediate donations are on
commission.  Be especially suspicious if they mention a generic cause
rather than a named charity.

  chugger (in purple fleece, shaking donation box):  You look like the
  kind of person who would like to support disabled children.

  Smylers:  Which charity are you collecting for?

  chugger:  Disabled children.

  Smylers:  Yes, but which charity is that.  You are a registered
  charity, right?

  chugger:  We're a company which fundraises on behalf of charities; we
  pass on donations to charities to help disabled children.

  Smylers:  Are you getting paid for this?

  chugger (incredulously):  Of course I am!  Would _you_ do this for

  Smylers:  I have done -- I've collected for Christian Aid, as a

  (Chugger wanders off in disbelief.)


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