Get stuffed!

Kake L Pugh kake at
Sun Apr 27 11:55:57 BST 2008

On Sat 23 Feb 2008, Andy Armstrong wrote about the Hamleys website:
>> The Girls / Boys split is making me angry. Girls don't do hobbies?
>> Actually it's making me so angry I have to stop looking at it.

On Sat 23 Feb 2008, Kake L Pugh <kake at> wrote:
> It annoyed me too, so I emailed them.  I suggest you - and anyone else
> who thinks this is a problem - do the same.

I finally got a reply the other day:

	We are currently reviewing categorization of our site to remove and
	replace the boys and girls categories and navigation.

	This is a significant change based on our core systems and store
	merchandising structure however we are very close to completion, we
	hope to have this updated and in place within the next few months.

	We hope this will not prevent you from shopping with us in the short

	Please be assured we are sincerely grateful for your feedback and
	consider the subject a top priority.

Which is quite pleasing, to say the least![0]


[0] In an attempt to forestall tedious pedantry[1]: I assume that by
"remove and replace" they mean "remove and replace with something else".

[1] Not that this ever works.

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