Nordic Perl Workshop 2008 talk submission deadline approaches

Claes Jakobsson claes at
Fri Apr 25 14:19:35 BST 2008

Fellow true-, semi-, non- and anti-geeks!

The deadline for talk submission to NPW 2008 is now only a week away  
and closes on the 2nd of may.

Now, wouldn't two days trapped in room with fellow Perl people be an  
excellent way to spend a weekend on? And as a bonus it's in Stockholm!  
where there is (*cough*) beer (not quite as expensive as in Oslo),  
sunshine, nice people and other lovely stuff[1].

So submit your talk proposal via the workshop website at

Conference fee is 500 SEK (~ 55€) or 250 SEK (~ 28€) if you're a  
student. And as usual speakers are exempted from the fee.


[1] Local availability may vary

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