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Fri Apr 25 18:27:06 BST 2008

>>>>> "DH" == Dave Hodgkinson <davehodg at> writes:

  DH> On 25 Apr 2008, at 13:55, Nicholas Clark wrote:

  >> I'm not sure. It would work if it's opt in. If someone wanted to
  >> write the code, I'm sure could be extended to allow
  >> CVs to be uploaded, and then charge firms or pimps to search the
  >> database for people to cold-call. But I'm not sure how many would
  >> think that this is worth it, versus just searching Google for
  >> keywords and then generating unsolicited e-mail (or calls) to
  >> anyone they find there. (Which, of course, is one thing Google's in
  >> house recruiters do)

this has been talked about but it is somewhat trickier IMO than you
think. the best you might get is text searching and buzzword matching as
it is hard to index semantic stuff that is the real gist of a good resume.

  DH> I'm currently looking for the Next Big Thing(TM) to do. It would be nice
  DH> to be able to broadcast my availability but if the level of clue on the
  DH> job supply side is as bad as the general recruiter, it will be annoying
  DH> at best.

that is why i am trying to be a better pimp. i get to know the shops and
applicants and actually do hand matching and placements. i don't shotgun
resumes to everyone and i don't do buzzword matching. hell, i know perl
(some might say i have a clue). and i am doing well at it with about a
50% success rate of getting offers or placements. you won't find numbers
like that at any general or technical agency. i agree with all the
problems in the job market having gone through it for years. my goal is
to bring some actual technical knowledge and direct connections to the


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