Dimsum Thursday 1pm: Royal China Canary Wharf

Leon Brocard acme at astray.com
Tue Apr 29 20:38:39 BST 2008

Hello foodie-mongers!

Another week, another dimsum. This week we're attempting to have two
Andreas come to dimsum and we're going to tempt the
investment-banking-mongers out too. Yes, we're going to:

Royal China (Canary Riverside)
30 West Ferry Circus, London, E14 8RR
Thursday 1pm
Canary Wharf Tube

Directions from RGL: Slightly tricky to find; it's half-way between
the two road levels of Westferry Circus, at the level of the
river-bank pavement. If approaching from West India Avenue, go
straight across Westferry Circus and you'll see a set of steps going
down to the riverbank level. It's just across the path from Canary
Wharf Pier.

See you there! Leon the London.pm Dim Sum Tsar.

(ps yes i'm sure you can do Cock Tavern, Dim Sum and Heretics in one day)

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