Ancient History

Dave Cross dave at
Thu May 1 12:14:15 BST 2008

I thought some people might be interested in some ancient history. I  
planned to send this on the tenth anniversary - but I was crap and  
missed it.

Anyway, some blasts from the past courtesy of Google Groups.

First posting suggesting the idea of - 28 Mar 1998

Two days later, the group is launched - 30 Mar 1998

Of course, it took us until August to get organised enough to have our  
first meeting.

I'd forgotten about - which is where we first hosted the  
mailing list. Of course that's long gone.

The first copy of the web site that the Wayback Machine has is from  
the end of 1998.

I'm still quite fond of that design :)

Ah... nostalgia.



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