Javascript book recommendation needed

Dave Cross dave at
Mon May 19 12:24:33 BST 2008

Quoting David Cantrell <david at>:

> On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 10:11:28AM +0100, Robert McHardy wrote:
>> A bit late getting to this, but the just-published Douglas Crockford
>> book 'JavaScript: The Good Parts' seems pretty good.  Covers all the
>> bases you mention.
> Ooh, that *does* look good.  I think I shall toddle off to Foyles later
> and get it.

A Foyles tip. Books from the Foyles shop are often more expensive than  
books from  the Foyles web site. You can, however, order books from  
their web site and then collect them from the shop. You can't pick  
them up that day - they need to be shipped in from a special "cheaper  
books" warehouse - but they send you a mail and you can pick them up a  
couple of days later.

If you work near Foyles then it's a good way to save a few quid.


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