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Matt Lawrence matt.lawrence at virgin.net
Wed May 21 16:23:08 BST 2008

Smylers wrote:
>   [*0]  Which it quite often isn't if you're using characters not in
>   Latin 1.  Or you think you might in the future.  Or you want general
>   web users to be able to add comments, in which case you can't know
>   which characters they'll want to use.
Annoyingly even if you "know" you're only going to be using western 
European scripts, there's still no guarantee that users' input will map 
directly to iso-8859-1 without coercion, thanks to win-1252 mapping 
several widely used characters (the apostrophe being the most egregious 
case) to codepoints in the U+2XXX range, despite there often being 
perfectly serviceable ASCII homoglyphs.

Smart quotes my foot.


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