Web search engine required

Smylers Smylers at stripey.com
Wed May 21 15:24:09 BST 2008

Martin A. Brooks writes:

> David Cantrell wrote:
> > Can anyone recommend a decent webby search thing I can use on my own
> > site?
> I've enjoyed using SWISH, which seems to fit most of your criteria.

However be aware:

  ... the XML parser should only be used for parsing US-ASCII encoded
  text. ... Indexing non-8859-1 data may result in invalid character

    -- http://swish-e.org/docs/swish-bugs.html#bugs_in_swish_e_version_2_4


  Supporting Unicode basically requires a full re-write of all the code.

    -- http://swish-e.org/docs/swish-3.0.html#utf_8_support

This may not matter at all to you.  But there is no work-around: Swish
simply does not work with multiple-byte characters.  So if you have
Unicode text (and coercing it into, say, Latin 1 isn't an option[*0])
then Swish isn't usable.


  [*0]  Which it quite often isn't if you're using characters not in
  Latin 1.  Or you think you might in the future.  Or you want general
  web users to be able to add comments, in which case you can't know
  which characters they'll want to use.

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