(forw) Help ZDNet UK find the IT community hero

Greg McCarroll greg at mccarroll.org.uk
Sat May 24 13:33:07 BST 2008

If anyone feels they want to submit a project or similar to this feel
free. Also if anyone wants L.pm listed as a community with zdnet let
me know (or better still volunteer) and we can make it happen.


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Delivery-date: Fri, 16 May 2008 17:12:35 +0100
Subject: Help ZDNet UK find the IT community hero
From: Karen Friar <karen.friar at zdnet.co.uk>
To: greg at mccarroll.org.uk

   CNET Networks UK is currently asking for nominations for its IT Community
   Hero award, part of the CNET Networks UK Business Technology Awards 2008.
   Would you be willing to tell your members about it to ask you who they
   think deserves to win?

   The award is meant to honour the person, team or organisation who has done
   the most to make the lives and jobs of people in IT easier and more
   productive through building connections fostering a sense of community.
   The judges will be looking for a strong community focus on IT through
   inclusiveness, outreach and collaboration. We could be talking anything
   from a blog to work on a project with community aspects, to sponsorship of
   a community project.

   It's the first year we've had this particular award, and we'd really like
   it to reflect the views of people on the ground. It's free to enter, of
   course. You'll find a form to submit nominations in this blog post on
   ZDNet UK:

   ZDNet UK is also approaching technology groups and organisations to see if
   they would like to join our community. Take a look at (ISC)2's profile for
   an example:
   If you're interested, drop me a line and I'll send you our guidelines.

   So please ask your members to take a moment to tell us about their
   nomination for IT Community Hero. Thanks for your time.



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