Coffee Filter Machines

Minty mintywalker at
Thu Jun 5 14:02:39 BST 2008

Dear Coffee Lovers,

We drink a lot of coffee in our little team.  Typically filter coffee
because it's easy to clean the bits, one of the cheaper mediums
through which to consume the stuff, you can readily buy nice coffee
and the daily routine is low on administrative overhead.  Setup costs
are also low.

When we moved into our office, we bought a coffee filter machine.
Something cheap and cheerful from Argos because hey, this isn't rocket

It's perfect, other than you cannot pour from the jug without it
dribbling a shot-glass worth of the dark juice everywhere except where
you want it.  We're lazy, and put up with this for months trying to
find a technique that worked.  We failed.  The floor eventually
developed a noticeable pattern of coffee stains.

So we opted to get a replacement.  This time, we went to Amazon, and
picked the one with the most & best reviews and not stupidly

The one we picked is still there, having plenty of high grade good reviews:

It suffered some UI flaws, but mostly worked well, until it was 366
days old and then kept going BANG, tripping the electrics on the floor
of our office, then continuing to work fine for a bit.  Lather, rinse,

I confess to being a little ashamed to have to ask this of you good people, but:

- coffee **filter** machine
- under 80-ish quid, delivered [1]
- still available for purchase
- tested under frequently/daily usage


We expressly don't want espresso, bean grinding, water filter,
thermally lined jugs, digital timer features, etc.  Basic is better
here, although a hot plate is essential.

[1] 10-20 quid would seem like it ought to be sufficient, but we'd
rather pay a little more and not get rubbish that doesn't last.

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