Coffee Filter Machines

Christopher Jones c.jones at
Thu Jun 5 14:32:43 BST 2008

> I confess to being a little ashamed to have to ask this of you good  
> people, but:
> - coffee **filter** machine
> - under 80-ish quid, delivered [1]
> - still available for purchase
> - tested under frequently/daily usage
> recommendations?
> We expressly don't want espresso, bean grinding, water filter,
> thermally lined jugs, digital timer features, etc.  Basic is better
> here, although a hot plate is essential.
> [1] 10-20 quid would seem like it ought to be sufficient, but we'd
> rather pay a little more and not get rubbish that doesn't last.

Instead of spending £80 on one good-ish machine, why not spend £75  
and buy 5 x £15 machines. Combine four of them in a kind of coffee- 
machine-equivalent of RAID5 to provide redundancy and increased  
performance, and keep the other as a "hot-spare". Alternatively, use  
one and just have the other four as "cold spares", tucked away in a  
cupboard somewhere, ready for action.


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